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DSCN1764Every year, usually in January, I overhaul my site. I like implementing new technologies that are available so that my site can serve to show some of the possibilities in web design.

So it’s March, but that just means I have been busy!! And that is a good thing!!! Looks like this latest redesign will be up by the end of this month. I am having fun with it and look forward to unveiling the new site.

Along with the physical changes come some internal ones as well. Looking back provides an opportunity to look forward with a new perspective. I enjoy my work most days, but the times I don’t are when I haven’t created an ideal scenario for myself.

I see that I have to be more honest in my work. What that looks like is being clear on how I work best, and to communicate that. I detest rushing things anymore in life, let alone a project. I want to give everything I do my best. And being rushed by the clock is such a drag. I have long said, there are no design emergencies. Of course there are deadlines, and I’m good with that. What I’m not good with are deadlines that were set 9 months ago, and the project comes to me with 2 weeks left. What? Really? That is the kind of scenario to which I will be saying ‘no thank you’.

If you can’t say no, you can’t say yes.

What will you say no to this year? And what would you like to say yes to??

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  • Julissa Salos February 24, 2015, 4:45 am

    I am impressed with this site, real I am a fan .

  • Robt Deaderick February 24, 2015, 6:29 pm

    I’d constantly want to be updated on new articles on this site, saved to fav! .

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