sensory Immersions

How sound can heal

Sound is frequency, energy, vibration and is known to soothe, relax, and heal on a cellular level. Healing sounds and intention can allow our body, mind, and spirit to realign from an out-of-balance state due to stress or illness.

A sensory immersion is much like a healing sound immersion where participants sit or lie down and receive the healing vibrations of live music, (percussion, guitar, voice).

What people are saying:

Wow! Still processing the beautiful experience of music therapy offered by LuAnn Arena. I didn’t quite know what to expect but was excited to try it out. I loved that my role was simply to be comfortable and not to have to “do” anything. I rested and was covered by a warm blanket and closed my eyes. LuAnn was very kind, warm, and inviting – asking for permission to move forward with the session and to encourage me to speak up if I needed anything.

Within minutes of resting, I was aware of relaxing and exquisite sounds. I wouldn’t necessarily describe it all as “music” as one might expect. Each had me keenly aware of how I listen and process sound, and as the session progressed I was delighted that I was losing my intellectual observation of the experience and moving into a truly physical awakening. I could feel vibration and layers of sound moving around and across me, all adding to an incredibly peaceful state that allowed me to breathe more easily, deepen my listening, and at some juncture I simply went into a deep meditative state, including a couple of visions (this has not happened to me before in any healing modality).

Without giving too much away, I will simply add that the experience was one of immediate trust, comfort, letting go, peace … and I felt revived for the entire night – even with my almost toddler keeping me busy. I’d recommend LuAnn’s session to anyone who is need of “checking out to check in” – anyone looking to deepen their awareness of sound, healing, in need of stress relief. I know that I’ll be back for more! Thanks, LuAnn, for providing such a significant and meaningful way to use your musical talent.
– M. Gluckman,

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