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In the field…

…a different field. This morning I began to finally live out what had begun so long ago as just a wish. The wish turned into some solid research and over a year spent clarifying many different ideas. ‘IT’ turned into my thesis project for my BFA in design at SUNY New Paltz. So what the —- am I talking about?? I spent this morning hoeing weeds amongst leeks plants at Common Grounds farm at the Stonykill Environmental Center in Wappingers Falls. I finally belong to a CSA. We’re working the land for our part in a barter share. 2 hours work per week throughout the season and we receive a weekly harvest of fresh, organic, pesticide free, unadulterated produce!! Do I sound excited? I am. It is a simple exchange, as it should be. Life has gotten so removed from living. This is very grounding for me and a way that I can do my part in leaving the world a bit better off perhaps. And the people involved are so cool, so real.
How does any of this tie in with design? Well check out the link to 50mileRadius, my thesis site. I hope to be a part of educating more and more people to these very basic ideas.

Off for now to enjoy the rest of today, the only day we really have.

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