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One question for Google.

Waited a while to post this one but I’ve given it enough time. I signed up for Google adsense right? They cull content from your site and post appropriate ads. For a while it was pretty right on. Why all I have now are diet drugs advertised on my site I will never know. Have I talked about diets anywhere so far? Hate the subject, bores me to tears. Any mention of drugs? I think not, I have no knowledge of any kind of drugs, really officer, why I have no idea what you’re talking about!
So Google, master of the capitalist universe, WTF? Take ’em down and put up some cool ads. Sh*t.


Yours truly—

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No gifts, please!!!

For the last few years I have really wanted to express this to my family & friends. At this point in my life I would just rather spend time with people than get any kind of gift. Thank the heavens I am healthy and able to work and can usually get the things I want & need. (And also in the colors and sizes that work!!! But that is beside the point…)

If you really want to give me something, I have a win-win proposition. Donate to your favorite charity or organization in my honor. You get a tax write-off and I get to know what’s really important to you! There are so many needs in the world and I certainly can’t address them all, so together we get to do more than either of us could do alone. And just think—no long lines at the mall, no traffic jams, you can donate online right from the comfort of your boudoir, in your jammies!!! Sweeet!!!!
And if I can spend time with you too—that’s even better!!  Because that really is the gift, corny as it sounds, to just BE together. It took me a long time to get here. Let me take you there.

Blessings upon on us all…

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I don’t have to pack my bags and find another country to live in!!! Finally America has lived up to the amazing place we’ve held it to be. I have an enormous sense of relief, a renewed sense of hope, and for the first time in my entire life, a feeling of connection to the representative of this nation. It seems as though this is truly the long overdue end of an era. I think we are going to see many shifts over the next 4 years. We can move forward. People can be raised up, rather than beat down. It may not be an easy road ahead, but forward motion, out of the nausea of the merry-go-round, is what we all need.

I have never looked up to a leader as I feel I can with Barack Obama. He is eloquent, smart, focused and real. He is definitely the symbol of a new day. He embodies the hope of a nation, a tall order, no doubt, but he has the big picture in mind. And where he leaves off, someone else will pick up, just as he has done.

Let’s keep raising the bar, otherwise what is the point?

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A new series…an an old one

This newest meditation is called the flow series. A few samples are below.
More info at:

The old series I’m referring to is CBS Sunday Morning. If you’ve never had the chance, check it out. A Sunday morning news show unlike any other, filled with great reporting, inspiring stories, movie reviews and generous doses of humor, usually provided by Bill Geist.

I have been watching this show pretty regularly for some 15 years and am always touched to tears by more than one story each week. Stories of our nations heroes, past and present, our neighbors, unknown artists and entrepreneuers. People that in each in their own way, help to make this world a little bit better place.

Given the imbalance of all the bad news to be had, both in content and delivery, this show offers a welcome change itself. It’s a quiet, cozy little corner to curl up, sip your coffee and be left feeling, maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

go with the flow….namasté

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Divine Presence

Truly. I knew I could not miss this. An opportunity for a one day silent meditation retreat with Amma Sri Karunamayi. I’ve missed the opportunity for about 4 years but I wasn’t letting this one go, I don’t know why, but I went with it. So, last minute, Wednesday night I cleared my plate for Thursday. I was filled with the sort of excitement that used to be only for a some sort of illicit beckoning. We were required to dress in all white. I didn’t realize what a tall order that was for my closet to fill. So I put on my Chinatown silk pants & top and we were on the road by 7:30 am to Woodstock.

Amma Sri Karunamayi

Normally Amma gives blessings and teachings, but this was the first time for the one day retreat. That felt special enough, but we found out we were possibly going to receive shaktipat. I didn’t want to get too excited but I remained hopeful. To receive a blessing would be fabulous. And that Amma did, twice during the day, by applying vibuhti to our foreheads and giving us words of love. For the first time in a setting like this, Amma gave the group shaktipat, not once, but twice as well. I am not sure exactly what happened but I feel that Amma has given me yet another piece of the puzzle. She represents unconditional love, so many people long for it and do not find it, yet she travels the world generously giving of her time, love and energy to all who come to her. It really is incredible. It fills you with the strength to keep on fitting the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together.

I feel like I’m sitting with that box of 1000 puzzle pieces, and maybe one or two little corners of it put together. So much more to do. But I’m gonna finish that sucker I swear. If it takes my last breath, I will. And I will owe so many thanks to the many kind and loving beings that give me the clues in all their infinite wisdom.

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It’s finally here and I am just loving seeing everything blossom here in Beacon. Magnolias, dogwoods, japanese maples…amazing. I have initiated a lot of change in my life this year and feel as though I’m having a rebirth right along with the season. Getting back to basics ya might say. Soon we’ll be back out in the fields on the farm and I am ready!!

Been doing some doodling and figure I’ll toss ’em out there…

better late than….whatever…this was fun…

8 fold meditation….

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the sketchbook series

I have added a load of new products to Cafe Press. The sketchbook series (pretty self-explanatory) has replaced alot of the items that only had the fkp logo. There are blank note cards available in sets of 10 or 20 or as a single. One poster at the moment and of course lots of different t-shirt options. So check it out. Don’t see something you want? Just let me know-I’ll hook you up. Looking forward to adding more and more so keep in touch.

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just before the new year…

I played a show at The Bearsville Theater with Tracy Bonham. Having rediscovered her (which is a story in itself) since “Mother, Mother” I really fell for “Blink the Brightest” (released in 2005). The album is solid pop songwriting and strong, melodic vocals, excellent production. Tracy’s sensibility is classy but edgy enough to keep me in it. On the track “The World Has the Nerve to Keep Turning” I even hear some very Stevie Wonder-like vocals bends. Don’t know if that was her intention but I dug it. I love “Wilting Flower”, piano and voice, soulful, lyrics many women can probably relate to, trying to hide vulnerability. “All Thumbs”, great melody and a well put sentiment how we keep moving ourselves around only to find we keep ending up in the same place, afraid of love. There is not one track I skip. Every time.

So, live. I was really looking forward to it. She did some really cool looping instrumental stuff with her violin. Really would like to see that direction more. She did play “Mother, Mother” which made everybody happy. Didn’t find that the band she had really made her shine like she should. But that’s only my opinion. We’ll see where she goes next.

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Happy New Year and all that…

So. There’s new images on Cafe Press and more on the way…but what I really want to blab about is Dexter. If you don’t know about it, here you go-if you do-join in. Dexter is a Showtime series that is absolutely blowing my mind. (And I don’t think it’s because I’ve been without tv for over a year, I still keep up) Based on the book, Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, this has got to be some of the best writing adapted for the modern tv culture. The story weaves together a great cast of characters, each extremely well-written, and solidly acted. Michael C. Hall, best known for his role in Six Feet Under, is perfection in this. The premise is a serial killer who kills serial killers. A forensics specialist employed by the Miami police department no less.

How Dexter became Dexter is the real story. On the grand scale, the series explores what it is to be human, all the complex spaces between black and white, good and evil, day and night, brother and sister, parent and child, friend and lover. Are there any real answers? Who can say? Take a ride on this train and you’re sure to find yourself thinking about some very interesting nuances between stops.

I guess I’ll leave it at that. For now.

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Just in time…

Well, that artwork I promised a while back has finally made it to the front of a few t-shirts. For now, just 2 new designs. Check ’em out, it might take care of a person or two on your Christmas list eh? More on the way. Now that the farming is over for the season and the band is on break I’m coming up for air. Only thing is…I went to the Beacon Animal Rescue Foundation today and fell in love. So I might get distracted again for a time. But I think it will be worth it!! If training goes well I’ll be back at the drawing board in no time!!
Be well.