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digital art cat

Cosmic Kitty Sitting Pretty

I had fun making this sassy girl. Kinda feels like she’s tuning into something way out in the cosmos, no?

This is one of the first pieces I’ve created using a Wacom Intuos tablet. I started with a pencil sketch, scanned it into Photoshop, and then worked with it digitally from there. Different. I’m getting used to it and finding many advantages to working this way.

She is available and waiting on all kinds of goods on Society6! Check it out – deals every day – and every purchase pays an artist, like me.


design Society6

FKP + Society6=happy

The Little Man
Little Man at the drafting table “helping” with new designs.

It’s the New Year and I am feeling renewed interest in creating art. All things ebb & flow right? You just have to go with it.

Part of the inspiration has come from some client work I am doing, with someone who actually likes the art I make, and has bought a few different versions of my products on Society6. How cool is that?

I am illustrating a book cover for her life story which will be released on Balboa Press. It will be done in the style of watercolor and ink that I really enjoy doing. We started with a conversation close to a year ago where she explained what she was envisioning. We talked again this December and I got the green light. I remembered our conversation really well because the image had started forming in my mind right away.

I started by sourcing images, online and from magazines, to create a rough mock up in Photoshop so that she could see and decide if the basics were looking and feeling right. She gave me her feedback and I moved to creating a rough, working sketch. This starts to take it toward what the final image will look like. We went back & forth a little on some nuances and now I am working on the actual painting.

I can’t wait for her to see the final version and as soon as she gives me the ok to go public with it, I will post images of the whole process.

Til next time, imagine beautiful things and let the universe deliver.

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Gratitude Project random stuff spirituality

Gratitude Project: Day Two

Red Water Flowers

Click to see larger

How do you express gratitude to people who have made an impact on your life? Sometimes it is only after their name is long forgotten that you even realize how much they gave you.

Gratitude Project random stuff spirituality

Gratitude Project: Day One

This is a new personal project to create a gift of gratitude each day, a flower a day, for all the wonderful teachers I have had in my life thus far. I am planning on 108 days to start. (Can’t guarantee these will look like any flowers you’ve necessarily seen before….a botanist I am not!!)

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5 Key Considerations When Hiring a Designer

(OR “Your price seems high, why should I hire you?”)

Have you heard this one? Fast, Good or Cheap: Pick 2

Fast + Good= $$$$$
Fast & Cheap= Lousy
(Personally, will not do)
Good & Cheap= Will take a while
(it’s worked in after everything else on our plate)

It’s been said a millions times but it is true. What you get for your money with a designer can really vary. A low cost designer is not always the best pick. The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true here.

1. Reliability/Communication

I have had clients who have come to me unable to even find their previous designer!! Some have trouble getting their designer to make site updates on a timely basis for them. Some have had enormous trouble communicating with their designer. Or they are just plain unhappy with the results of a poor choice.

At least one meeting with a potential designer is important, if not in person, at least a lengthy phone conversation. Can you talk to this person? Do they listen to you? Are they credible/established? Meaning, can you at least see some legitimate prior work on their website or a portfolio link?

LuAnn is a detail-oriented Web Designer who listened to my objectives, understood my passion for fabrics and color and delivered, on a very timely basis, a very professional and happy website. Check it out – —Barbara Hanson, August 17, 2011

2. Education/Experience

I have a history with my clients and have had most of them for 5-10 years! Why is that? I continue learning about my industry constantly, so in turn I always have something new to offer my client base. I spend an enormous amount of my time and money staying on top of the latest standards and practices so that I can give my clients the best their money can buy. I am able to educate and inform them on what makes sense for their particular situation.

Does your designer have any formal education in the field? Sure, learning how to build a website is possible without going to college, but good design and an ability to provide an aesthetically pleasing AND functional site or logo comes from spending time analyzing design history and theory.

It is always a pleasure to work with LuAnn. She handles the pressure of deadlines by producing great work while maintaining a terrific sense of humor. Quite often I consult with her on “how to” software questions. —Austin Metze, Metze Publication Design, February 21, 2009

3. Results

I have had a few clients come to me needing a boost in their search engine rankings when a prior provider did not get it done. I can take a site, given a few key criteria, and change their Google site ranking within 2-4 weeks, from obscurity to page one or two, guaranteed!!!

4. The Intangibles

When you hire someone, you are investing in yourself. What are you worth? What does your business mean to you? Do you want to cheat yourself of getting the best you deserve? Hire someone low cost and get a site that screams cheap? It certainly will not help your business!! First impressions are crucial.

If you receive a high quality site, logo or promotional materials, your business will reap the rewards, not just once, but over and over again. This is part of what is built into the price of a good designer who values what they do, knows what they can deliver and is truly a professional, meaning you get everything mentioned here.

5. Trust

Lastly, what price can you put on trust? A web designer often has access to many of your passwords and accounts. It is crucial you can trust the person to whom you are handing over that kind of information!!

Whether you are in need of a logo, a website or print collateral, take the time to plan. Research what you want and the type of person you would like to work with. It will pay off in the end!!

design interviews video

fkp client series presents: J Why

Every now and then you get a cold call and it really works out. That’s how I met J and his wife after receiving an email from them looking for a web designer. As a designer, you couldn’t ask for two nicer, more organized and articulate people. They were interested in a customized WordPress site utilizing Woo Themes Canvas. I also integrated Google fonts into the site to give them more options toward the look and feel they were going for. It was a breeze working with them and the results of our collaboration can be seen at There are loads of audio and video clips from J’s various endeavors, all well worth a listen. I have my favorites!!!

I am really enjoying the process of interviewing my clients and the subsequent editing. Now if only I had a better camera. This video has some footage shot by J’s wife Anna, and man does it look better. For more on Anna’s dance film, “What Comes Between Fear and Sex”, which J scored, see the trailer here.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax for a few minutes and enjoy!!

design interviews spirituality video

fkp Client Series presents: Andrea Rich

This interview features Andrea Rich, a long time friend, client, collaborator and fellow spiritual traveler. I have created several iterations of her website for her many endeavors. The most recent is, as well the accompanying blog site, which, for the designer peeps, is a customized Thesis theme.

I created the logo and a vertically scrolling site to focus on her current output as the author of the forthcoming book, Yoga of the ARcana, as well as her amazing  pottery creations. The blog is loaded with useful and inspiring posts, a video on the 5 Tibetan Rites and much more. Be sure to pay a visit.

A Kickstarter campaign is in the works, to help publish the Yoga of the ARcana book & card deck, and is set to launch by the year’s end. Please have a look at the video to find out just what it’s all about!! It’s great stuff!!


design interviews video

New fkp Client Series videos on the way!

Spent today getting footage for two new Client Series videos. As you can see on the left, this is what I wear when behind the camera. You like? ; )

I am excited to get these edited and posted. I have found I really enjoy the process of being behind the camera, letting the subject expound on his or her projects, unique talents, hopes and dreams.

You never know just where the road will lead you.
More soon! —fkp

design PaperGirl

PaperGirl Cardiff & Newcastle

Having PaperGirl is a welcome change from my daily work. I love my clients, designing websites and print pieces but to have a project with total freedom is a luxury. Since I started participating in PaperGirl last year I have had the opportunity to experiment with many new and different approaches.

It has been so much fun combining hand pulled prints with hand detailing. A departure from my usual pencil or ink drawings. And the biggest difference is the things that happen in the combining of color and texture. As the ink rolls over the plate and then to the paper, ink is distributed differently everywhere. Sometimes the roller picks up a pattern from the plate that embeds in the ink and in turn on the paper creating new shapes and nuances. That would never happen on the computer. Sure, some happy accidents happen in Illustrator or Photoshop, but never with quite the same depth of result as in an actual tangible, analog creation.

Each PaperGirl piece has been one of a kind and the other unusual thing for me is that I have been able to let them go, out into the world to find their own life. That used to be a very hard thing for me to do. Now my only hope is that maybe whoever sees or receives a piece, also receives some kind of pleasure from them.

design PaperGirl

PaperGirl and the UK

New stuff went off in the mail today to PaperGirl Bristol, Leeds and Manchester. More hand pulled prints with hand detailing. It’s the Buddha Within Series...I made my own triangle shipping tubes from pizza boxes and after filling out customs declarations (who knew??) at the post office, they were on their way.

A few more pics below. Next up, PaperGirl Columbus, Ohio. Cheers!

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