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digital art cat

Cosmic Kitty Sitting Pretty

I had fun making this sassy girl. Kinda feels like she’s tuning into something way out in the cosmos, no?

This is one of the first pieces I’ve created using a Wacom Intuos tablet. I started with a pencil sketch, scanned it into Photoshop, and then worked with it digitally from there. Different. I’m getting used to it and finding many advantages to working this way.

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Newest upload to Society6. Click below to see product availability. Feel free to contact me if you want a product you do not see. I usually can resize to suit. Thanks!


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FKP + Society6=happy

The Little Man
Little Man at the drafting table “helping” with new designs.

It’s the New Year and I am feeling renewed interest in creating art. All things ebb & flow right? You just have to go with it.

Part of the inspiration has come from some client work I am doing, with someone who actually likes the art I make, and has bought a few different versions of my products on Society6. How cool is that?

I am illustrating a book cover for her life story which will be released on Balboa Press. It will be done in the style of watercolor and ink that I really enjoy doing. We started with a conversation close to a year ago where she explained what she was envisioning. We talked again this December and I got the green light. I remembered our conversation really well because the image had started forming in my mind right away.

I started by sourcing images, online and from magazines, to create a rough mock up in Photoshop so that she could see and decide if the basics were looking and feeling right. She gave me her feedback and I moved to creating a rough, working sketch. This starts to take it toward what the final image will look like. We went back & forth a little on some nuances and now I am working on the actual painting.

I can’t wait for her to see the final version and as soon as she gives me the ok to go public with it, I will post images of the whole process.

Til next time, imagine beautiful things and let the universe deliver.

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Layers Magazine Design Makeover

Layers_webI am happy to have been a part of Layers Magazine’s most recent issue. I was one of 3 designers selected to rework a book cover for the magazine’s Design Makeover column. The client was author Joseph Blondo, for his book, Caught Between Cultures: A Story of Milton Wan and Viet Nam. Design Makeover writer Jake Widman provided the original cover, comments from the author, some images and a synopsis of the story.

After a difficult childhood in 40’s & 50’s Saigon, Milton Wan escaped on a tramp steamer, to join his sister in Seattle. Not long after, Wan returned to his homeland, this time as an American soldier. Hard to fathom really and one can only imagine the incredible feelings Milton Wan had to face.

So how was I going to approach the enormity of this story in a single image meant to drive customers to pick up this book and buy it? I felt the original cover was missing the human element. The silhouette of a lone soldier came to me immediately and I went with that. I created the picture in my head by piecing together various images and then rendering the final art from that. It remains to be seen if the author will choose any of the 3 redesigns from the magazine, but I enjoyed the process all the same.

Original cover