Open Mic @ Infinity Music Hall & Bistro

Infinity Music Hall & Bistro, Norfolk CT

As the #openmic tour continues, I finally found my way to Infinity Music Hall. The open mic is held in the bistro and we’re competing for an opening slot in the main hall. I would be thrilled with that!! Next to open mics, opening slots are my favorite thing.

Last night there was a huge range of styles, as I was #15 out of 17 people, I had a long wait, but I got to see everyone. The bistro is absolutely beautiful and the food was good too!! I got to meet the owner, he was going to leave, but luckily he stayed to hear me play!! Woohoo!!

I realize I have been entrusted with this body of work that has been delivered to me, I no longer feel that it is ‘mine’. I find with every passing year these songs have been with me, that as I change, I continue to find new meaning in each one. I learn from them and they have the ability to express new aspects of my experience. It’s kind of amazing, and it certainly did not come from me!!

Over the past month, since the Towne Crier, I have again reworked almost half of the set so far. I have found a new approach, further blending my bass sensibilities with the guitar. I wish I could play my bass and my guitar at the same time, but this is as close as I can get for now!!!

I look forward to another beautiful drive along 44 east to Infinity….

played: Who U R, The Light

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