Lucid Sound Project: 2018 Update

Whew! Time really flies doesn’t it?

I have not written a blog post since before the Lucid Sound Project kick off event last October. The event got rained out for its outdoor location, and luckily The BLOCK off Biltmore was kind enough, and had the opening for us to launch there at the eleventh hour. It could not have rained harder at the exact window of time that was scheduled for the event. As I have heard it said, it is the universe asking – how bad do you want it? Apparently, pretty bad. We all schlepped our stuff in and out of the pouring rain to deliver the vibrations for 90 minutes. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

The Lucid Sound Project was invited back to the BLOCK for the Winter Equinox, December 21, 2017. As the doors opened just before 5pm people started to trickle in. As I finished the last few settings for the evening, the room was filling up. Wow. I got started just a few moments after 6pm and more people kept coming in the door. By 6:15 there was virtually no floor space left, or anywhere else to put people, and I was tip toeing over so many beautiful beings who entrusted me to take them on this 90 minute journey. What a gift.

Expansion plans are underway and that is keeping me busy. For now I am now looking forward to the next event, the Spring Equinox Sound Meditation on Tuesday March 20 at The BLOCK off Biltmore, 5-6:30pm. I will be joined by Tom Boots who will play cello, hand drum, bowls, and other instruments.

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