LUCID SOUND PROJECT – What’s coming up

The Spring Equinox Sound Meditation Tuesday March 20 at the BLOCK off Biltmore was awesome. The weather was rainy and overcast, yet midway through the sun made a stunning appearance for just a little while.

The next big event will be the Summer Solstice – Thursday June 21 – time & location TBA.

There is also a New Moon series in the works and as soon as I have more details I will post here. The best place to keep up to date is via the newsletter, and you can sign up at the Lucid Sound Project link below.

Talk to you soon! xo

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Lucid Sound Project: 2018 Update

Whew! Time really flies doesn’t it?

I have not written a blog post since before the Lucid Sound Project kick off event last October. The event got rained out for its outdoor location, and luckily The BLOCK off Biltmore was kind enough, and had the opening for us to launch there at the eleventh hour. It could not have rained harder at the exact window of time that was scheduled for the event. As I have heard it said, it is the universe asking – how bad do you want it? Apparently, pretty bad. We all schlepped our stuff in and out of the pouring rain to deliver the vibrations for 90 minutes. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

The Lucid Sound Project was invited back to the BLOCK for the Winter Equinox, December 21, 2017. As the doors opened just before 5pm people started to trickle in. As I finished the last few settings for the evening, the room was filling up. Wow. I got started just a few moments after 6pm and more people kept coming in the door. By 6:15 there was virtually no floor space left, or anywhere else to put people, and I was tip toeing over so many beautiful beings who entrusted me to take them on this 90 minute journey. What a gift.

Expansion plans are underway and that is keeping me busy. For now I am now looking forward to the next event, the Spring Equinox Sound Meditation on Tuesday March 20 at The BLOCK off Biltmore, 5-6:30pm. I will be joined by Tom Boots who will play cello, hand drum, bowls, and other instruments.

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Private sessions for: individuals, couples, small or large groups, occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retreats, corporate team building.
Contact me for rates and availability.

A brand new event!

For the past year I have been in the process of reinventing my life, revisiting ideas and beliefs, and clearing the way for whatever is next. Part of the journey has been participating in a personal/professional development program focused on leadership. One of the outcomes is a community project.

I have been living in Asheville for almost 4 years, it is truly stunning as far as the eye can see, mountains, wide open skies, and spectacular sunsets. A tourist hub with no shortage of things to do, yet even in our beloved city of open minded people of all kinds, we are still walking around looking at our phones, missing the beauty of this sacred area, and each other.

The Lucid Sound Project was created to interrupt that for a time. The event will take place at Reuter Terrace at Pack Square Park, where we can put our phones down for a while and appreciate each other, this beautiful city, and we can be at peace with strangers, and ourselves.

Sound can carry a participant effortlessly into a deep place of stillness to ease stress, anxiety, and physical pain.

A sound meditation is simply a meditation facilitated by sound with instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, shakers, rain sticks, frame drums, and didjeridoo. Participants are free to come and go, stand, sit or lie down. Sound allows a turning inward, without words or instruction.

The Lucid Sound Project experiences are free of charge. Donations are welcome and appreciated, but not mandatory. Becoming a patron through Patreon (a membership platform supporting sustainable income for creators) is another way to support the project so that we can continue to grow and bring it to more and more communities.

The ultimate vision is to fund The Lucid Sound Project so that it can be provided for free to high stress communities like prisons, rehab centers, hospitals, public housing communities, and more, locally and beyond.

Join us!

Saturday October 28, 2017
Reuter Terrace at Pack Square Park
Free, All are welcome

*Feel free to bring yoga mats, pillows, blankets

Personal Sound Healing Recordings

  • Is there a project you are working on and need some assistance to keep it in motion?

  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep?

  • Are you working on letting go of the past?

  • Are you designing a new life for yourself?

  • Are there emotions you would like to move through?

  • Would you like to start or deepen a meditation practice?

Sound is an excellent way to facilitate any of these things. While not adding more words to your experience, you can focus your intentions and let the frequencies assist and heal you.

When I do in-person sound healings I always ask if there is something specific you would like to work on.  Once I take that in, I am informed intuitively as to how I conduct the sound healing session.

Listen to a sample of a session

I can do the same thing remotely or to make a specialized recording for you. Just let me know what you are working on, I will do a meditation to tune into you and create your recording. The focus will be on chakras and frequencies that support your particular request. I generally use Tibetan singing bowls, frame drum, rain stick, shakers, bells, guitar, and voice. I will then send you the MP3 which you can listen to, on any of your devices, at any time to support your inner work. The recording will be approximately 30-45 minutes.

If you would like a personalized sound healing, please contact me.

Full Circle

It’s funny, I never set out to be a performer.

I grew up in a musical family but I was a pretty shy kid. I was more comfortable with my animals than people. I was happiest creating, not so much presenting.

Fast forward to my first apartment and a guy who liked me, who happened also to be a drummer. Somehow it is always the drummers who get me.  Anyway, it was a hot summer day and my door was open to let in some air. I was lost in playing my guitar and singing. I never knew how long he had been standing at the door before he finally let me know he was there. I was mortified!! No one had ever heard me play or sing my stuff, and I was good with that.

Somehow this guy gave me enough nurturing and encouragement to step outside the safety of my apartment and give a band a go. We worked hard, held auditions, and eventually we moved in together, mostly so we could have an attic to rehearse. We played some shows to pretty good responses and a whole new world was born. I went from going to shows, to playing shows, and found the stage a double edged sword that I adored and feared.

One thing led to another and I kept finding myself in bands, getting nudges from audience goers to go solo. I hadn’t really thought of that, I was protected in a band. I never truly saw myself as a front person, even though it was a fantasy, I thought I was too fat, I was sure I was not pretty enough, and definitely not showy enough. Yet every time I would step away from performing, something would take me back, somebody would come around with an opportunity, a possibility, and make me feel as though I couldn’t, shouldn’t, walk away from it. I have had some amazing highs and lows winding my way back and forth across this country.

Now, I find myself back to square one, shy and uncertain, riddled with stage fright like never before. I have to sing and play, there is no question about that, but for now, it’s back to creating more, performing less, as that double edged sword seems to have a single edge now.

*originally written March 7, 2015. Again, too afraid to publish it. Deciding today, not to live in fear anymore. Tic toc, tic toc.


What is failure? When I look in the dictionary, my picture isn’t there, yet I have been wrestling with the whole idea lately.

Since June I have been in 3 competitions, and none of them came close to what I had hoped. I played at the Towne Crier Invitational Open Mic Finals Round. There were first, second and third place prizes. I did not place. After the show several folks paid me very nice compliments, ‘you were my favorite’, ‘you should have won’ etc.

In July, after the encouragement of a few friends, I decided to try out for The Voice in NYC. At the end of the audition, our whole group was sent home, no callbacks. Again, the compliments, ‘you were amazing’, blah, blah, blah.

Then in August I was invited to the Big Stage Competition at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT. First, second and third prizes all went to other competitors. And the compliments came again, ‘you should have won’, etc. etc.

So, am I doing something wrong? Is it enough to have just gotten that far? What can I learn? Is it a sign I am not good enough? I went back and analyzed each performance and found things I could have done differently. Would it have made a difference in the outcome? Who knows? But it has given me some good insight to how I have been operating.

At the Towne Crier, I said very little on stage. I gave the songs everything and that was it. I saw some pictures after and in every one, my eyes were closed. Not very much for an audience to connect to I suppose.

For The Voice audition I think my song choice was too obscure. I did Overlap by Ani DiFranco. I had tossed around doing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, but thought it seemed too obvious since she’s been a judge on the show. In the end I think it might have been the better choice, but it may not have made a bit of difference.

Lastly, at Infinity Hall, I tried harder to do a bit more stage patter, and make more eye contact. This was an audience that truly did not need that, so I could have just stayed more in the song.

In all 3 situations I over-thought everything. I wasn’t true to myself, I was trying too hard to decipher what I thought ‘they’ wanted. Rather than just be me. So it has left me with regret. Not that I didn’t win, but that I was not completely in my thing and able to walk away proud regardless of the outcome.

*this was originally written September 10, 2013 but I was too afraid to publish it. Shocking.

Michigan J. Frog and Me

Still learning how to be me. In the comfort of my home, it’s pretty easy. But when I head toward the stage it becomes a daunting task, even after all these years. To be my truest self in front of a bunch of strangers is the most unsettling thing. I keep thinking it should get easier.

I stand up there with words and music that come from my soul, and put it before people I do not know, for their approval. What a bizarre activity when you really think about it. My deepest motivation has been to give something, to share something real, in the hopes that the audience and I might be transformed together. Lofty eh?

A fellow musician friend of mine shared with me why he stuck to doing cover songs. He said, ‘If I do covers and they don’t like it, who cares? But if I do my originals and they don’t like it, then they are rejecting me.’ Well put. That is how it feels.

For me it’s always been a crap shoot. Some nights I get lucky, I win because I didn’t get the better of myself, and other nights well, it’s a whole other story. I mess up my playing, I forget the words, I completely f*ck it all up. Why? Because I’m my own worst enemy. I am a believer in the power of our own thoughts and words to create our reality, apparently I still need to hone this skill!! Tuesday night, I created a heckler at Club Helsinki. No other performer heard from this guy but me. I opened my mouth to speak a bit before I played and from the shadows I hear, “just sing”. Yea. OK.

And I let it ruin my whole experience. I let it take what little confidence I had going in. I let it follow me home and take me down a dark road. Until I finally stopped it cold by realizing that this is what I let happen over and over and over again. Now that I’ve taken responsibility, I look forward to creating a new scenario for myself going forward.

Towne Crier Invitational Finals followup: Well, it was close but no cigar. It was a good crowd, receptive and attentive and I felt that I gave a good performance but I certainly did not go in like a competitor. That might have helped since it was a competition. I’ve never taken the attitude, “I’m the best”, because somewhere along the way I must have decided that would be ‘bad’, it wasn’t ‘nice’. I’m realizing now, that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with, “I’m the best me!”. Another lesson learned. It’s been a good week for that.

I’ve never fit in, and generally I’m ok with that, but when I make it matter, when I try to fit into someone else’s idea of who I should be, I crumble. I’m kind of like that Warner Brothers frog….

*originally written June 7, 2012.

Summer’s End

Hudson Vally Harvest Festival 9/21/2013 photo courtesy of:

It has been a busy summer, full of ups and downs, and that is just life isn’t it? And so we keep movin’ on.

I’m heading back into my turtle shell for a bit while I work on an entirely new project. If it comes to fruition as I envision it in my mind’s eye, it will really be something to see!!

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Here’s a link to a video of Over Coffee from the Hudson Valley Harvest Festival shot by Front Row Dave.

~cheers for now~
~much love~LuAnn



Busy Week









Last week was loads of fun. I played the Singer/Songwriter Tuesdays at Rosendale Café. It was fabulous because I had my own cheering section! Priceless.
Played: Closer, Over Coffee, Real

Saturday I hit the highway and landed at Desolation Road Studios in Altamont NY. It was a small but attentive crowd and we had a blast. Sharing stories, chocolates, and beverages. Jim Miller has created a really sweet space, not only for music but also for art, lessons and more. He took a chance on me, playing predominately original material, is not always the easiest bill to sell.

Between the two shows I received an email from Infinity Hall inviting me to participate in the Big Stage Competition Wednesday August 28. I’m one of 12 vying for an opening slot for a headliner, CA$H and a headline spot in the 2014 Open Mic Winners show. I humbly accepted the opportunity!!

Whew!! Glad I’ve been working away, spending lots of time with my lovely Yahmie!!

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