LuLu’s Acronym Dictionary

ACT = Active Childhood Trauma

BE = Be Extraordinary, Born Extraordinary, Blessed Existence, Be Enlightened, Be Elegant

BIAS = Belief in Assumed Stereotypes

CHAOS = Creating Havoc and Over Stimultation

DNA = Do Not Assume

EMOTION = Expressing More Of The Inner Outer Nexus

FLOW = Following Love Opening Wide

FREEDOM = Feeling Real, Excited, Expression During One Moment

GOD = Guru Of Dharma

GRATITUDE = Getting Real And Thoughtful Insight Towards Unifying Duality Exponentially

HOPE = Holding On Past Expiry

LABELS = Limiting And Blocking Expression, Love, Sovereignty

LOVE = Leveraging Only Valuable Expression
Leadership Openness Vision Expansion

LUCID = Life Under Creative Inner Direction

MAGIC = Making All Genuine Interests Come

MEDIA = Mind Expansion Denied In America

MONEY = Making Only Necessary Energy Yours

RESPONSIBILITY = respond with flexibility (not an acronym but a more aligned meaning)

WHOLE = When Healing Occurs Love Exists

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